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Casino exilim ex-s600 reviews free casino no deposit best bonus I change these all the time. Play to Record first shot took just 0.

While just about all of its competitors have been making waves recently their with own ultra slim models the popular Nikon Coolpix "S" series comes to mindCasio continues to churn out new sliver-sized cameras with capable feature-sets in its EXILIM "Card" line. If you haven't seen a Casio slim camera in a while, it's easy to forget how nicely crafted and solidly built these models are.

The Casio EX-S comes in three colors -- silver, orange, and blue -- and has a body composed of a very sturdy metallic polycarbonate. Though it measures just 0. Along with the sleek design, the Casio EX-S has a very impressive set of features for a camera reviews thin, including a 3x optical zoom lens, nine-point Multi Autofocus with Contrast Detection, a new MPEG-4 movie mode with built-in camera shake reduction, a bright 2.

Though slim cameras have been immensely popular with consumers in recent years, the biggest gripe has been picture quality. The EX-S I tried out was the "blue" version which reviews actually an attractive metallic bluish-grey color which the "metrosexual" in me says also might have a hint of lavender.

Sorry, maybe I've been watching too many Reviews Five reruns on Bravo lately. Though it's made mostly of polycarbonate, there are nice silver metal accents on the Casio EX-S around the lens and across the faceplate including a solid metal fingergrip and raised metal lettering spelling out the EXILIM name.

The metal accents are picked up in a silver band that runs across most of the top of the camera, and in the metal zoom rocker, multi-controller, and various buttons on the back. Though it doesn't have the nice wave-like ergonomics of the Nikon S5 and S6, the EX-S doesn't suffer from some of the design flaws I experienced with those models, namely accidentally getting my finger in the shot.

In contrast to the S5 and S6, which have the lens placed precariously in the top right corner of the camera, the Casio's lens is set toward the middle right of the faceplate and, consequently, out of the way of errant fingers.

The main difference between the S-Series Coolpix models from Nikon and the Casio EX-S is that the Casio does not use folded optics so the lens will extend out about an inch when powered on. On the Nikon S-Series models, folded optics allows the camera body to stay flat even at full zoom. Because the Casio EX-S is so slim and small, I never felt totally comfortable gripping it and advise you use the wrist-strap to keep it secure.

Speaking of the wrist-strap, the one design feature that I found slightly irksome is that the metal strap eyelet juts out from the camera near the zoom rocker. This is really a minor quibble and I noticed this aberration only because the rest of the camera is so sleekly crafted. Casio makes an interesting choice in controls on this camera. Instead of having a mode dial or a button that toggles between playback and capture, the EX-S has separate buttons for playback marked with the ubiquitous sideways triangle and capture marked with an icon of a camera across the top rear of the camera.

There's also a third button next to playback and capture that, at first glance, gave me pause. It's actually the movie button and is identified by a red circle. Press it once and you are instantly recording a movie with red numbers on the LCD starting up right away and counting off the time of your clip. Simultaneously, a set of white numbers also appears on the LCD to count down how much time you have ex-s600 on the card for your movie.

Overall, I had no problem figuring out how to work the controls on the Casio EX-S, which is the way it should be for a camera that is undoubtedly marketed to people for whom ease-of-use is a major concern. The one other small complaint I had about the button layout is zoom rocker, which I wish was bigger and easier to adjust with your thumb when you're one-handing this camera. With LCDs on reviews cameras now almost standard at 2. It was perfectly satisfactory, however, for reviewing images and composing shots; though the resolution was slightly low at 84, pixels.

Casio claims that the LCD on the EX-S is twice as bright as on previous models, and though I had no way to test this claim, casino exilim, I did find the display to be bright enough for easy viewing indoors and outdoors. In some cases of shooting in extreme bright light, however, the screen had a tendency to wash out.

Since the Casio EX-S has no optical viewfinder, this can make composing shots in bright sunlight a bit like flying blind. Reviews of the best things about this little camera was how fast it was to use. After testing several compact cameras recently that were frustratingly slow in all areas of operation, it was a pleasure to touch the EX-S's Power button and have the camera fire up and be ready to take pictures right away. According to our tests, the Casio EX-S could power on and deploy casino dr hook lens for the first shot in just two seconds.

Shutting down the camera was even quicker at just 1. Play to Record first shot took just 0. Most cameras in this class take twice as long to perform these functions. I found myself whizzing reviews a day's worth of shots in just seconds on the EX-S Some competing models can't even achieve this speed when prefocused. When prefocused, the EX-S was blazingly fast at capturing pictures, just 0.

I also found the camera to have a very fast shot-to-shot speed in single shot mode and even quicker in Continuous mode. The Casio EX-S was able to capture a fairly true version of gulf stream casino fl color of this graffiti art at the 5 Pointz building in Queens. Though it certainly wouldn't be a camera I would turn to in challenging situations, such as in lowlight without a flash, the Casio EX-S produced images of good quality with fairly accurate color and generally sharp focus.

Images I took exilim ex-s600 5 Pointz, a building in my neighborhood in Queens that uses its exterior to showcase graffiti art, rendered the bold exilim of the artwork with accuracy. The Casio EX-S also had a very serviceable Macro mode with a range of centimeters, which is slightly closer than on the EX-S's predecessor. Using the Macro mode, I was able to get some nice shots of flowers that are still in bloom here in New York City thanks to a unseasonably mild Fall.

The camera will automatically select an ISO setting when it detects low-light, non-flash shooting conditions. Though images captured in low light at ISO and 1, were cleaner than I expected, they are not recommended for printing because of excessive noise. As a general rule, I would stick to shooting at ISO as reviews maximum on this model.

For the most part, however, sharpness was good in the central area of images. T he Casio EX-S was able to capture images casino tricky lighting situations. With so many modes, Casio does a good job of differentiating each one in the Best Shot menu.

Hit the metal "BS" button on the back of the camera and you'll see three pages of boxes with images these are mostly actual stock photos, not icons to identify each scene mode. Most are obvious choices such as a mountain landscape to identify the "Scenery" setting, or a child blowing out a birthday cake for "Candlelight Portrait," but some are more difficult to identify such as "Old Photo" which is designed to restore the faded color of an old photograph.

If you tap the zoom button when in the Best Shot menu, you'll receive a reviews of the identifying image and text that briefly describes what the scene mode does. It helped me capture this vibrant picture of a Monarch butterfly on a bed of flowers. Though not all of Casio's attempts to create helpful new modes are successful, I casino in bossier city that they're continually trying to make photography easier and more fun though the ample Best Shot functions.

Casio, like an increasing number of camera makers, has decided to use the DivX video codec for its movies. DivX is an increasingly popular third party software which uses the MPEG-4 format to compress long video clips into small sizes while maintaining good visual quality. DivX files will not run on Apple's QuickTime player and must be converted via a DivX module that requires a separate download.

The process is frustrating and disappointing for Mac users especially considering that the Casio EX-S has casino great new anti-shake processor for its movie mode as well several other cool new features including Snapshot-in-Movie, which lets you snap off a photo during movie recording, and Motion Print that lets you convert movies into a series of up to nine snapshots for printing. The Casio EX-S's Past Movie feature starts movie recording from five seconds before the Movie button is pressed while Short Movie lets you capture quick clips up to just eight seconds which is adjustable before or after the shutter is snapped.

There's some compromise in image sharpness as the Casio EX-S struggles to overcome a high level of noise even at its lowest ISO, which results in a watercolor appearance, and the usual softness we see in the corners. Like most super slim cameras, it struggles in low-light situations and offers selectable light sensitivity of up to just ISObut the Casio EX-S is one of the speediest compact cameras I've tried.

Along with being the perfect size for a "take anywhere" camera, its ability to power on and get to first shot very quickly means you'll always be casino slot 50 lions games to capture revealing candid images of friends.

With the EX-S, Casio has slender good looks, though with only average image quality. Still, it's super speedy and easy to use, with excellent battery life. Sleek and stylishly designed with a solid overall build, the 6. Along with being known for the sliver-sized cameras in its EXILIM "Card" line, Casio has also had a reputation for its "everything but the kitchen sink" preset exposure settings known as "Best Shot" modes.

With reviews EX-S, Casio squeezes in 34 "Best Shot" modes including now old favorites such as "White Board" and "Business Card," which are great for taking notes, alongside newer but less successful modes including "Old Photo" which pumps up color in digital renderings of old faded prints though at the expense of sharpness.

While not all its Best Shot modes live up to their billing, Casio's continuing effort to add features to its cameras to make them more fun and easier to use is appreciated. Another hallmark of Casio cameras is their incredible battery life and the EX-S carries on that tradition with its ability to capture shots on a single charge. Hopefully part of a new tradition on Casio cameras is the EX-S's impressively fast operation reviews.

The EX-S fires up and is ready to shoot in just seconds and I experienced virtually no shutter lag when I pre-focused the camera. The Casio EX-S's also great for showing images. Image quality in ultraslim models has been notoriously hit or miss, pictures I captured with the Casio EX-S were somewhere in the middle for the category. Good up to 8x10, but soft beyond, sharpness at low ISO ex-s600 reviews about average with pleasing color.

Typical of super-small cameras, corners of images were a bit soft and there was some purple fringing in areas of extreme contrast. Though I liked how easy are gambling winnings tax in australia was to operate the camera's movie mode, because it uses the PC-friendly DivX file format I was not able to get video clips to play back on my MacBook despite downloading additional software.

While the Casio EX-S's pluses stack up nicely, it is not without its faults. If you're never planning on printing above 8x10 and need a very portable camera, the Casio EX-S will not disappoint. But it just missed being a Dave's Pick due to over-agressive noise processing that robs all shots of detail, regardless of ISO. Navigate Review Jump to review page Basic Specifications Full model name: Imaging Resource rating 3.

Buy the Casio EX-S Www casino on net designed sleek and solid form factor is great for toting around town Very speedy all-around performance with virtually no shutter lag when you pre-focus Super fast image playback.

Images had relatively accurate color Decent Macro mode 34 Best Shot scene modes provide pre-programmed settings to meet a variety of shooting conditions including nifty "White Board" and "Business Card" that are great for note-taking Simple movie mode that's instantly on when button is pressed Incredible battery life.

Easy to navigate menus and settings, especially clearly marked Best Shot scene modes. Reviews noisy above ISO ; ISO and 1, only available in Anti-Shake and High Sensitivity modes shots not suitable for printing LCD's resolution should be higher Some purple fringing in areas of high contrast Hard to operate zoom rocker when one-handing camera Some softness in corners of photos DivX movie playback not supported on Mac operating systems "Old Photo" mode decreases sharpness and increases noise Limited User Manual Prints only good to 8x10; not great for cropping A slight watercolor look to images due to anti-noise processing that destroys detail.

Though it's a stylish, easy-to-use ultracompact with good movie-capture capabilities, mediocre photos limit the Casio Exilim EX-S's appeal. Casio stays true to their Exilim series with the S which is a 6 megapixel camera with plenty of fun features, perfect for that trip with your. Casio Exilim Card EX-S / Exilim Card EX-SD digital camera, up-to-date specifications, latest news and reviews, hints and tips, and discussion forums.

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